Welcome to Your Bonuses!

Whether you signed up for The Base Map course, The Concept Design course, or The Master Plan course, there are bonuses included with your enrollment!



Vegetable Garden Planner Workbook



3 instant download herb garden designs ($90 value)

The Fuchsia, The Sage, and The Thyme Designs



Vegetable Garden Planner Workbook

1 Design Review Via Email



All 10 instant download herb garden designs ($370 value)



Vegetable Garden Planner Workbook

2 Design Reviews Via Email

Garden Installation Guide



All 10 instant download herb garden designs ($370 value)

15 Piece Professional Design Tool Set ($50 value + free shipping)



Do you struggle with planning a highly productive vegetable garden? Let’s change that! This workbook is designed to make planning your vegetable garden super easy and it will result in more veggies for you! This downloadable workbook includes:

$100 value

2 - Two Reviews of your design via email

I want you to create the very best edible landscape design for your space.  The most effective way is to follow the modules and do your best work, then ask for feedback from a professional.  That's why I'm offering you two complimentary personal design reviews. 

How it works:

  • Email a copy of your design to me during any phase of the design process (rachel@myownediblelandscape.com)

  • Write "design review" in the subject line

  • Ask up to 3 specific design questions

  • Receive a personal design review from me (expect a reply email within one business week, but usually sooner.) I'll give you helpful feedback and suggest edits to your design before you move onto the next module.

  • Repeat the process once more at any other phase of the design process

    $150 value


Download 10 unique pre-planned herb garden designs to incorporate into your own unique master plan OR use them for inspiration when designing your edible landscape!

  • 10 detailed, pre-planned herb garden designs that are already created for you

  • Instantly download the pre-planned herb garden designs

  • Immediate access to professional quality herb garden designs so that you can plant your herb garden now and get a harvest in no time

  • Intelligently designed herb gardens with plant substitution recommendations for each plant in every design

  • Maintenance, harvest, and plant use information for each plant in your design

  • Pre-planned herb garden designs can be easily incorporated into the unique, custom design you create through My Own Edible Landscape

  • Plan for and install one (or more) of the herb garden designs exactly as it is or use the designs for inspiration when creating your own edible landscape design

  • Pre-planned herb garden designs were originally priced at $25, $40, and $55 per design. Total value for the complete 10-design set is $370.

$370 value

4 - Garden Installation Guide

You've created your unique edible landscape design.  Now what? 

The Garden Installation Guide will show you how to prioritize your landscape installation tasks.  What should you do first, second, and third?  How can you get a harvest right away while also setting yourself up for harvests in the future from your fruit trees and berry bushes?  These are all questions that will be answered in the Garden Installation Guide so that your edible landscape installation goes smoothly, fits your budget, and begins producing within a year.

The Garden Installation Guide also teaches you the very best soil building technique (which also eliminates grass without stripping off your topsoil or breaking your back - huge bonuses, right?).  This one technique is all you need to know to get started creating highly fertile garden beds (for shrubs, trees, perennials, and even veggies).

Plus, there is a built-in garden installation plan check-list so you can easily plan your garden installation over several years.

$100 value

5 - Professional Design Tool Set

Receive all of the design tools you will need to complete the course.  The professional design tool set is valued at $50 and includes:

  • Circle templates (set of 2)

  • Architect's scale (aka: fancy ruler that will make designing super easy)

  • Drawing pens (set of 4 professional quality drawing pens in the following weights: 01, 03 or 05, 08, 1) plus one Sharpie marker

  • Designer's eraser (it doesn't leave chunks all over your paper and you can sculpt it like clay!)

  • Triangles (set of 2)

  • French curves (set of 4)

How it works:

All US designers enrolled in the Master Plan level of My Own Edible Landscape will receive a 15-piece professional design tool set in the mail.  All packages will be mailed within two weeks of the enrollment deadline.  Rachel will contact you via email for your mailing address after you enroll.

$50 value (+ free shipping)