Finally, a DIY Edible Landscape Design Course for Homeowners That Costs Less than a professional Master Plan

...and you don't need to learn any complicated software, have an art degree, or even know how to use a ruler.

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ornamental design principles


permaculture design principles


edible plants

medicinal plants

The landscape design you create with My Own Edible Landscape will be...


Customized for your unique space

The first steps are to measure and observe your space then determine your needs.  Your design is based on these things, so it's created specifically for you and your unique space.

super functional

With a functional design, you'll save tons of time maintaining your garden so that you have more time for fun and relaxation.

Low maintenance

Designed well, a fully stocked landscape can actually be low maintenance.

cost effective

Design first to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.  Plus, save money on your grocery bill as soon as you get a harvest.

Visually Pleasing

An edible garden doesn't have to be straight rows of plants.  Instead, picture the most beautiful garden you've ever seen... and now picture that in your yard but completely packed with edible plants.  Dreamy, huh?

Completely Yours

The design process you learn throughout the course will empower you to create the edible landscape of your dreams.  You will have an absolutely unique garden that is productive, dynamic, organized, health-giving, head-turning, peaceful, and most of all completely yours - from the design you create on paper, to your beautiful outdoor space.


I heard you...

As a professional edible landscape designer for many years, I've had the opportunity to coach, consult, and design for tons of clients, just like you.  

My clients are smart, creative, independent, and love to tackle projects on their own.  Over the years I've helped homeowners address their garden frustrations, like:

  • Poorly designed spaces that are super high maintenance (which makes gardening a chore rather than a relaxing hobby)

  • Failed garden projects - from poorly planned pathways to veggie gardens located in inconvenient places

  • Improperly spaced plants that produce little and require extra maintenance

  • No overall design or vision for the space (which results in a whole assortment of issues!)

  • Lack of entertaining space that prevents people from spending quality time outside

  • Eyesores and noisy neighbors that make outdoor time unpleasant


Meet Your Design Instructor


Hello! My name is Rachel.  I'm a mother, wife, gardener, landscape designer, hiker, camper, herbalist, and our family's main chef.  I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2003 with a B.S. in Horticulture and Landscape Design.  After that, I opened a business designing, installing, and maintaining ornamental landscapes for clients in and around Minneapolis, MN. 

I loved my business but something was missing.  I wanted to give back to the world in a meaningful way.  I closed my business to join the Peace Corps and spent the next couple years in Mali, West Africa.  That experience changed my life. 

I returned home (married to another volunteer) and we settled down in Portland, OR where we lived for the next 8.5 years.  While there, I completed a Permaculture Design Consultant's Course and an herbalism course.  We bought our first house and my unique design style emerged and took over our entire yard (in a good way). 

I became a mother and decided to leave my part time job to focus on my passion for meaningful landscape design (which I'd been doing on the side).  I created edible, medicinal, and permaculture-based landscape designs for clients in the Portland area. 

I closed my design business in late 2017 to move back to my home state of Wisconsin.  I am now transforming our 1/2 acre lot into an edible and medicinal wonderland.  I want to help you do the same thing!



Why I'm Shifting Gears

I had a realization.  Edible gardeners are DIY people.  You love to get your hands dirty and you put a lot of energy into growing food for your family and friends.  You are a go-getter type of person.  I love this about you!

But those common mistakes I mentioned earlier that leave DIY edible gardeners feeling frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, lost, and ashamed of failed projects, kept coming back to my mind.



How can I help you succeed?

I thought about writing more blog posts, sharing more garden photos, sending out free garden design tips... but I felt like I would be sprinkling little pieces of a giant puzzle into mid-air.  I realized that if you truly want an edible landscape that you can be proud of (and one that is super functional, low maintenance, and highly productive), then you need to start from the beginning and learn how to design the space for yourself.  That way, you understand the inner workings of your unique design and can fully "own it" and therefore wholly benefit from every single aspect of your outdoor space. 


How does My Own Edible Landscape differ from DIY gardening or hiring a designer?


Who is My Own Edible Landscape for?

If you have a yard and are planning to grow (or have already started growing) food and want a plan to follow that will make the final result beautiful, super functional, highly productive, and a place where you want to spend all your time, then My Own Edible Landscape is for you.


The Homesteader

You have dreams of growing a huge portion of your own food, raising animals, and spending the majority of your time on your land.


The First Time Home Buyer

You are so excited to finally have your own piece of land and want to do things right the first time.


The Retiree

You have free time and need a hobby that will fill your lungs with fresh air and keep you healthy and fit.


The Family

You have kids with tons of energy and need a creative family project that gives back in more ways than you could ever imagine.


The Office Worker

You feel disconnected from the natural world after a week at your desk and need a weekend project that will get your hands dirty, soothe your soul, and nourish your body.


The Dreamer

You've been longing for a career change and have been experimenting with gardening jobs on the side.  Take your skills one step further and learn to design edible landscapes so that you can better help your clients.

My Own Edible Landscape guides you through creating your professional quality edible landscape design in 7 Modules


Edible Landscape Design_Module 1.png

Module 1: Measure

Sketch your space

Measure left to right

Measure top to bottom

Measure lengths and widths

Locate trees, outbuildings, and other structures

Edible Landscape Design_Module 2.png

Module 2: Base Map

Determine your scale

Establish property lines / project boundaries

Add your house / structure

Triangulate locations

Draw like a designer

Scan and print

Edible Landscape Design_Module 3.png

Module 3: Assessments


Self assessment




Edible Landscape Design_Module 4.png

Module 4: Bubble Diagrams

Formal vs. informal

Outdoor rooms

FMECV (the order in which you design a space so that it's truly amazing)

Design elements activity

Bubble diagram and connecting your bubbles

Bed lines

Edible Landscape Design_Module 5.png

Module 5: Concept Design

Focal points, backdrops and visual barriers

Plant spacing, groups and clusters

Design elements and design notes

Trees, shrubs, and vines

Secondary paths

Perennial and vegetable gardens

Edible Landscape Design_Module-6.png

Module 6: Plants

The ultimate edible plant database

How to choose your plants

Creating your plant list

Perennial garden design

Vegetable garden design


Edible Landscape Design_Module-7.png

Module 7: Draw Like a Designer

Drawing shade and other trees

Drawing evergreens, shrubs, and vines

Drawing perennials, veggie beds, and everything else

Label your plants

Border and title block

Adding color to your design

3 Incredible Bonuses

(Note: Bonuses vary depending on which enrollment option you choose. See below for more details.)

 Two Reviews of your design via email

  • Email your design to me during any phase of the design process

  • Request a design review

  • Ask up to 3 specific design questions

  • Receive a personal design review from me

  • Repeat the process once more at any other phase of the design process

    $150 value

my own edible landscape_bonus 2.png

Vegetable Garden Planner Workbook

Do you struggle with planning a highly productive vegetable garden? Let’s change that! This workbook is designed to make planning your vegetable garden super easy and it will result in more veggies for you! This downloadable workbook is ___ pages long and includes:

  • 17 page Vegetable Garden Planner Workbook

  • Companion Planting Guide

  • Annual Vegetable Guide

  • My Vegetable Garden Plan

  • My Vegetable Garden Plan Example

$100 value


Garden Installation Guide

You've created your unique edible landscape design.  Now what? 

The Garden Installation Guide will show you how to prioritize your landscape installation tasks.  What should you do first, second, and third?  How can you get a harvest right away while also setting yourself up for harvests from your fruit trees and berry bushes?  These are all questions that will be answered in the Garden Installation Guide so that your edible landscape installation goes smoothly, fits your budget, and begins producing within a year.

The Garden Installation Guide also teaches you the very best soil building technique (which also eliminates grass without stripping off your topsoil or breaking your back - huge bonuses, right?).  This one technique is all you need to know to get started creating highly fertile garden beds (for shrubs, trees, perennials, and even veggies).

$100 value

Bonus Total: $350!

+ Tons of Resources


  • How to Prep and Plant Your New Garden (pdf) by Rachel Belida

  • Pro Design Tips (pdf) by Rachel Belida

Online Resources

  • Links to my absolute favorite gardening resources

  • Links to online plant nurseries that specialize in edible and/or medicinal plants

  • Links to DIY garden projects

Recommended Books

  • Links to my go-to gardening books

  • Plus a few bonus links to other nature-based favorites ; )

Seasonal Recipes

  • Links to my favorite seasonal recipes

  • Links to awesome food preservation recipes and resources

Pricing and How Do I Get Started?

After calculating my university level horticulture and design education plus the cost of my permaculture and herbalism courses, I came up with a price tag that is so high I'm embarrassed to share it with you.  That price tag doesn't even include my 10+ years of design experience for clients in Minnesota and Oregon.  

I teach the exact same design process in My Own Edible Landscape that I used when creating custom designs for my clients.  I hold your hand through designing your own master plan, which I used to charge $1200 for a front or backyard of a city lot in Portland, OR!

Based on that, I would be crazy to charge anything less than $2400 for a master plan for a full yard, right?

I spent more than 1,000 hours putting My Own Edible Landscape together for you.  If you paid me only $2 an hour, the course would be $2000.

But since my top goal is to see you succeed with your edible landscape design (and have the knowledge that empowers you to make edible gardening part of your lifestyle), I have an extra special price just for you.



The best part of My Own Edible Landscape? 

You get my own expertise from my entire design and horticulture education, permaculture design and herbalism courses, plus all those years of designing edible, medicinal, and permaculture-based landscapes for clients.  I've hand-selected my best design advice and spread it through the entire course.



30 Day, Zero Risk Guarantee

I want your edible landscape design to be hugely successful and as easy as possible to create. I stand behind My Own Edible Landscape.  Try it for 30 days and if you aren't happy, or feel like you can't follow the trainings, I will refund 100% of your money*.  I know you will love it and that the course will change your life, but yes, that's a 30 day money back guarantee.

30 day guarantee_my own edible landscape.png

3 Enrollment Options!

Choose from three enrollment levels to meet your design goals.



The Base Map

Assessing your site and creating a professional base map and zone and sector maps are now a piece of cake.

Instant access to The Base Map section of the course

Professional level design instruction


3 complete step-by-step modules:

1 - Measure

2 - Base Map

3 - Assessments


Future course updates

Lifetime access

Technical support

Course timeline and checklist

Design tool shopping guide

Resource page


Bonus! Vegetable Garden Planner Workbook

The Concept Design

Creating your bed lines and adding structure (aka: low maintenance food crops) to your edible landscape are a breeze

Instant access to The Concept Design section of the course

Professional level design instruction


5 complete step-by-step modules:

1 - Measure

2 - Base Map

3 - Assessments

4 - Bubble Diagrams

5 - Concept Design


Future course updates

Lifetime access

Technical support

Course timeline and checklist

Design tool shopping guide

Resource page


Bonus 1 - One personal review of your design via email

Bonus 2 - Vegetable Garden Planner Workbook

The Master Plan

Choosing plants and finalizing your edible landscape design into a frame-worthy piece of art are so satisfying

Instant, full access to entire My Own Edible Landscape course

Professional level design instruction


7 complete step-by-step modules:

1 - Measure

2 - Base Map

3 - Assessments

4 - Bubble Diagrams

5 - Concept Design

6 - Plants

7 - Draw Like a Designer


Ultimate Edible Plant Database (best for USDA Zones 4-9)

Future course updates

Lifetime access

Technical support

Course timeline and checklist

Design tool shopping guide

Resource page


Bonus 1 - Two personal reviews of your design via email

Bonus 2 - Vegetable Garden Planner Workbook

Bonus 3 - Garden Installation Guide

Enrollment is Now Open!

Click on your favorite option above to enroll. You’ll get immediate access to your course!

Enrollment closes in:



Do I need to be an artist or designer?

Nope.  No design or artistic skills are required.  I will break down the entire design process into simple steps and hold your hand every step of the way.  You only need an eagerness to learn, an openness to let yourself be creative, and courage to try something new.

Can I switch my enrollment choice later?

Yes! You can always upgrade your enrollment at any time. Once you’re enrolled, just send me an email and let me know you’d like to upgrade and to which course. I’ll apply the appropriate credit to your account. Then, go to your account settings and click the “Upgrade Enrollment” button and select the enrollment option you’d like. Once the credit has been applied, you will only pay the difference between your original course and the new course.

(Note: While upgrading your enrollment is always possible, downgrading enrollment is not recommended because you will lose access to the content from your higher level course and you’ll be charged for the lower enrollment option - which you’ve already paid for as part of your higher level course. No credits or refunds will be issued for downgrading your enrollment.)

What is the course format?

The course is primarily videos made up of slides that give visual examples and step-by-step instructions for your design project.  My voice is recorded and leads you through each video, just like I'm right there teaching you one-on-one.  There are also worksheets (in downloadable PDF format) that correspond with some of the videos.  The slideshows can be downloaded and printed so that you have notes to refer to as you complete the design steps.


What kind of support is available if I have questions?

If you have any questions, just send me an email at  I will send a personal response within two business days (but usually much sooner).


Will I have to pay the course fee again if I don't finish it right away?

Nope.  It's a one-time course fee that gives you lifetime access to the course.  You can complete the course at your own pace.


Can you show me an example of an edible landscape design?

Yep!  These are some of the designs that I created for my clients.  I'll teach you how to design your edible landscape using the exact same design process.  You'll have the option of adding a little detail or tons of detail to your design.  It's completely up to you.


Can I share my username and password with my friend so that we can split the cost?

Nope.  Each person needs to purchase a license for their own course and will have a unique login and password.  Your username may not be shared, sold, or given away.  Please refer to the Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions documents for full details.


How long will it take me to complete the course?

The course is designed to be completed at your own pace.  Estimate about two to three months from start to finish if you spend some time working on it each week.  The course is jam-packed with a complete landscape design education that is meant to set you up for success, rather than get your design done ASAP. 

The course consists of seven modules and there's an average of 3 videos per module.  In general, the first video in each module is a short intro for that module.  The remaining videos are a combination of design education and step-by-step instructions for you to follow to create your own design.  Some modules will take longer to complete than others, and all of them are important for a successful design project.


Will my design be drawn to scale?

Yes!  The first step is to measure your site.  The second step is to draw it to scale.  I'll teach you everything you need to know to create a base map that's drawn to scale so that your design is an accurate representation of your space.  You will build onto your base map throughout the course.  


What's the benefit of drawing my design to scale?

You'll be able to see exactly where each plant will be located in your design.  This is necessary for planning and proper plant spacing, among many other things that we will discuss in the course.


What other materials will I need to create my design?

  • a few large sheets of paper (at least 18x 24" but anywhere up to 24x36" or larger - it depends on the size of your project and your table space - I'll go over specifics in Module 2 of the course.)

  • tracing paper (either a roll or a pad of paper at least the same size as your drawing paper)

  • pencil and eraser

  • drawing pens (optional, but these will really make your design look professional)

  • black Sharpie (or similar) marker

  • white-out pen

  • ruler or architect's scale

  • drafting triangles

  • French curves

  • circle templates

  • T-square (optional)

  • measuring tape

  • masking tape / artists tape


Where can I buy the drawing tools for the course?

Your local art supply store should have everything you need.  If not, items may be ordered online from your favorite retailer.


Should I buy my materials before I enroll in the course?

Nope.  You can shop as needed throughout the course, or use the shopping guide provided within the course to purchase your supplies after you enroll. 


Are there any other fees I will need to pay throughout the course?

The only other fees will be for copies.  There are a few times during the course when I tell you to make copies of your design at your local copy shop.  The cost will depend on the size of your design, how many copies you make, and whether or not you also scan and save a digital copy of your design.  Expect to pay about $5-15 for copies a few times throughout the course.


What if I enroll but decide that it's not a good fit for me?

If the course isn't a good fit, email me directly ( within 30 days of your purchase date.  I will issue you a full refund. Read the Terms of Use for full details.


How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course.  Your course membership will not expire.


Are future course updates included or do I need to pay extra for those?

All future updates to the course will be available free of charge.  I'll notify you by email (unless you opt-out of course emails) to let you know that new course material is available. I’ll also tell you where to find it within the course website.  


How will the final design be customized for my yard?

You will start designing for your unique outdoor space from the very beginning.  In Modules 1 and 2, you will learn how to measure your space and create a base map.  Then we will spend some time making observations about your site.  These observations are key to creating a design that works for your unique space and also meets your needs.  The rest of the course builds on these initial design steps and at the end of the course, you will have a completed professional-quality design.


What if I already have some landscaping?

That's totally fine (and pretty common).  I'll teach you how to locate existing trees and shrubs and add them directly to your base map so that they can become part of your design.  There are also times when you might like to remove some plants and start fresh.  This is fine too.  I'll go over how to work around these different issues so that your design is exactly how you want it.


Can I purchase the course as a gift for someone else?

Of course!  I would recommend collaborating directly with the person you're purchasing the course for so that you can enroll them using their name and email address.  This will ensure a correct username and password, allow the recipient to opt-in to course emails, and course materials will be sent to the right location.

Here's What Past Design Clients Say:


"We hired Rachel to help us figure out what to do with our yard. We loved working with her start to finish. We really didn't know what we were doing or getting into, but she guided us through our options in a very helpful and no-pressure way. Once we decided on the type of services we wanted, she exceeded our expectations, and we are now super stoked to get going on making her plans a reality in our yard! Rachel is very knowledgable, and has a very gentle and kind relational manner. She was also very responsive to our desires and changed a few things up when we wanted some alternative ideas. Highly recommend!" - Alexis P.

"Working with Rachel was amazing. Before I met her I had a handful of landscape designers I found hard to engage with... they were undependable or I was tied to using their construction team once the design was finished. Rachel is exactly the kind of landscape designer that worked wonderfully for me. She listens. She is collaborative. She has great ideas. She keeps her timeline commitments. She is flexible. She communicates what to expect and by when. I am so lucky I found her. It is hard to even post in a review how delighted I am with her finished work and the process. She took my vision and made it better - and her recommendations for contractors and resources has been vast. I am thrilled." - Angela T.

"Rachel was responsive, creative and went above and beyond to create potential backyard designs and planting for us! Following a thorough consultation, Rachel sent detailed notes and a highly useful list of plants, vendors and possibilities. We highly recommend her." - Christine D.