Welcome to Module 4!


Video 1 - Introduction to Bubble Diagrams


Video 2 - Bubble Diagrams: Design Lessons + One Activity


Video 3 - Bubble Diagrams: The First Creative Step

Module 4 Downloads:


Want me to review your design at this stage? 

Head over to the Bonuses section for details on how to submit your design for review.


I'd love to see what you've created so far!  

Send an email to designs@myownediblelandscape.com with a copy or picture of your bed lines map.  

Another option is to post it to social media with hashtag my own edible landscape (#myownediblelandscape).  I’ll be responding to every email and commenting on as many social media posts as I can, so make sure to share your work!



You let your creativity run wild and created bubbles of open space in your design, then you connected those bubbles (if you had more than one) and turned them into bed lines.  You finished Module 4 by finalizing your bed lines and making one copy of your base map with bed lines (and you may have also saved a digital copy).  You are now set up for a highly successful edible landscape design!

Make yourself a tasty treat to celebrate your hard work. 

The tedious work is behind you, so let's have some fun with your design in Module 5.