Welcome to Module 5!


Video 1 - Introduction to Concept Design


Video 2 - Concept Design: Design Secrets

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Video 3 - Concept Design: Trees, Shrubs, and Design Elements

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Want me to review your design at this stage? 

Head over to the Bonuses section for details on how to submit your design for review.


I'd love to see what you've created so far!  

Send an email to designs@myownediblelandscape.com with a copy or picture of your concept design.  

Or post it to social media with hashtag my own edible landscape (#myownediblelandscape).  I’ll be responding to every email and commenting on as many social media posts as I can, so make sure to share your work!



You learned some design secrets that will make your garden look amazing.  Then you decided where to put all you design elements and added tree, shrub, and vine placeholders to your design.  Your trees and shrubs are even strategically located to support your zone and sector maps.  You also created secondary paths to make sure your design flows well.  Hurray!  You are becoming a true designer through this process.

Celebrate your amazingness, then I'll see you in Module 6.