Welcome to Module 6!


Video 1 - Introduction to Plants


Video 2 - Plants: The Ultimate Edible Plant Database

* See note below video before beginning.

The Ultimate Edible Plant Database (link to online database)

* NOTE: Pause the video at 3 mins and 10 seconds and follow these steps:

  1. Open the database. (The filter icons will NOT automatically appear, as suggested in the video.)

  2. To add the filter icons, click on row 3 (the number “3” in the far left column) to highlight the third row.

  3. Click on the filter icon (looks like a funnel) to the left of the blue rectangle that says “View only”.

  4. A small pop-up menu will appear. Click on the top option “Create new temporary filter view”.

  5. The filters will be activated for each column across row 3 of the sheet.

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for any other sheets you’d like to filter at this time.

  7. Finish watching the video above.

The database is an ongoing project. I will be adding more edible and medicinal plants on a regular basis. Looking for something specific? Send an email to admin@myownediblelandscape.com and I’ll add it to the database for you.


Video 3 - Plants: Master Plan

Module 6 Download:


I'd love to see your plant list!  

Send an email to designs@myownediblelandscape.com with a copy or picture of your plant list.  

Or post it to social media with hashtag my own edible landscape (#myownediblelandscape).  I’ll be responding to every email and commenting on as many social media posts as I can, so make sure to share your work!



You learned how to use The Ultimate Edible Plant Database and created your very own plant list.  Finding the perfect plant for each plant placeholder is like a puzzle, and I'm sure you did an excellent job.

You may have even gone back and designed your perennial and vegetable gardens so that you have a Master Plan.  Go you!  This is a great time to turn on some music and have a dance party!

Whether you chose to stop at the Concept Design level or follow through to the Master Plan, you are in for a treat in Module 7.  All that hard work you've put into your edible landscape design is going to stun your family and friends once you finish your design with professional drawing techniques.  I'll see you in Module 7!