Welcome to Module 7!


Video 1 - Introduction to Draw Like a Pro


Video 2 - Draw Like a Pro: Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Perennials, and Veggies 


Video 3 - Draw Like a Pro: Finishing Touches

Module 7 Downloads:


I'd love to see your final design!  

Send an email to designs@myownediblelandscape.com with a scanned copy or picture of your final design.  

Or post it to social media with hashtag my own edible landscape (#myownediblelandscape).  I’ll be responding to every email and commenting on as many social media posts as I can, so make sure to share your work!



You have successfully completed My Own Edible Landscape!  If you've been holding off on a fun activity, now is the time to spoil yourself for all the hard work you've done.  You have completed a crash course in edible landscape design.  The knowledge you've gained will empower you to fully "own" your dream garden - a space that you can be immensely proud of and can now create from the ground up.

You have a completed design, but now what?  I've created a super helpful bonus for you that will guide you through creating an installation plan and transforming your yard into your unique, custom designed edible landscape.  Head over to the Bonuses section for more details.

Also, remember to download and print your very own My Own Edible Landscape Certificate of Completion to hang up next to your design (just fill in your own name after printing ; ).  Your hard work and dedication are SO worth it!