The Chamomile Design

The Chamomile Design is an easy to love kidney bean-shaped garden that is 18’ long and 8’ wide and is designed to be enjoyed from any angle.

This design includes herbs, edible flowers, herbal tea, and flowers for cutting so that you will experience fresh flavors, sip the most delicious tea, and add beauty on your table. 

It includes 20 kinds of annual and perennial plants for a variety of fresh herbs and landscape interest year round

Expand your existing garden with this design or let it stand alone for an eye-catching statement. Either way, this garden will draw you down the central path so that you can’t help but harvest your herbs and pick a bouquet on your way past.

This charming herb garden is an innovative reimagining of the classic kidney bean shaped garden island. Add this garden to your yard for a spacious herb garden that will provide abundance harvests for years to come


Design Downloads (pdfs):