The Fuchsia Design

The Fuchsia Design is a 14’ diameter circle with a clever path design that moves you through your entire garden, giving you the opportunity to check on all your plants and harvest what you need in a timely manner.

This innovative design features culinary herbs, edible flowers, herbal tea, and flowers for cutting that you can use on a daily basis to enhance the flavor of your meals, decorate an otherwise boring salad, brew fresh tea, and adorn your home.

25 kinds of annual and perennial plants are included, giving you a generous variety to choose from so that your meal time is always a culinary delight

The Fuchsia Design is easily customized by planting multiple varieties of one plant species (such as flat leaf parsley and curly parsley) so that you can easily experiment and make the garden uniquely yours.

The mandala pattern of this design was inspired by permaculture garden design. This pattern maximizes your growing space while allowing easy access to your plants so that your role as a gardener is as easy as possible.


Design Downloads (pdfs):