The Rosemary Design

The Rosemary Design doubles as a walking meditation and an herb garden so that you feed your body, mind, and soul. 

This spacious garden occupies a 40’ diameter circular shape that has an airy feel so that you have the space to reflect on your deepest questions while you move through the garden.

This design includes herbs, edible flowers, herbal tea, and leaf vegetables so that you will experience a well rounded harvest.

It includes 36 kinds of plants for an exceptional variety in your garden so that your garden is an essential source of high quality fresh herbs and greens. 

The Rosemary Design stands alone beautifully. If you have a large open area and a desire to welcome meditation into your life, The Rosemary Design is ideal for you. This solitary garden will be your healing paradise at home or perhaps planted in partnership with a local school, organization, or religious center so that you can quiet your mind, gain new insights, and heal yourself from the inside out.

The Rosemary Design was inspired by a rock-lined walking meditation I did once at a magical retreat center in the mountains outside of Portland, OR. Labyrinths (not to be confused with mazes) are thought to be over 4,000 years old. They have been used in many cultures to clear your mind, bring you into the moment, and find clarity and centering. Enter a labyrinth with your best, most natural self and an open mind, with or without a question or choice on your mind. You may be pleasantly surprised by the answers that come to you as you mindfully move through the labyrinth.

Using the labyrinth as the layout for The Rosemary Design is my invitation to you to welcome more mindfulness into your life. Oftentimes busy schedules, long to-do lists, poor diets, and stress fill our days. This unique design is an invitation to slow down, be mindful in your everyday life, and value the inner wisdom that arises when you quiet your mind. And while you’re at it, pick a few herbs, flowers, and greens.


Design Downloads (pdfs):