The Sage Design

The Sage Design is a space-saving spiral that is raised in the center and gradually slopes down to the ground at the end. A variety of growing conditions are naturally created so your plants have the exact environment they require for optimum growth, health, and flavor.

This 7’ diameter spiral garden is designed so that you can grow the greatest amount of herbs possible in this distinctive and compact garden.

The unique spiral design removes the need for paths that would otherwise take away precious gardening space. Simply rest one foot on the rock wall inside the garden so you can easily reach any herb you need without compacting the soil or damaging your precious plants.

The Sage Design is packed with 12 familiar culinary herbs. You’ll love the way the fresh herbs reinvigorate your favorite meals and you’ll wonder how you lived without them until now.

This efficient and productive spiral garden design is an all-time favorite permaculture gardening technique. Permaculture gardening is the foundation of any smartly designed space.


Design Downloads (pdfs):