The Thyme Design

The Thyme Design is a keyhole-style garden that is cleverly designed to minimize path space and maximize growing space so that you get an abundant harvest with an attractive design.

Your herbs will be easily accessed by the central path and outside edge so that you avoid harvesting herbs from multiple locations while you’re busy preparing dinner.

This 8.5’ diameter keyhole garden with 2’ opening in the center garden is designed for easy maneuvering and flexibility.

Plant The Thyme Design as a stand alone garden now and easily expand it in the future by adding adjoining keyhole gardens, resulting in a mandala pattern (see The Fuchsia Design for an example) so that you can start small and increase your garden size when you’re ready.

The Thyme Design is packed with 11 familiar culinary herbs, some of which also have edible flowers. You’ll love the way the fresh herbs reinvigorate your favorite meals and add beauty to your garden, while the edible flowers add a hint of intrigue to your salads and cold beverages.

This efficient keyhole design is a classic permaculture gardening technique. Permaculture gardening is the foundation of any smartly designed space.


Design Downloads (pdfs):