The Violet Design

The Violet Design is a classic rectangular garden that measures 24’ x 8’. It is the perfect garden border that you can use to define your garden space with an attractive and useful garden.

The meandering path allows for easy access to the plants in the center while immersing you in the endless wonders of your garden.

The Violet Design is wisely planned to feature the taller plants in back and the shorter plants in front, adding depth and interest to your garden so that you can enjoy the entire garden from your favorite window, hammock, or outdoor bench.

The Violet Design boasts 28 kinds of plants. Some are familiar culinary herbs, while others are edible flowers and plants for herbal tea that may be new to you. You’ll love the way the fresh herbs reinvigorate your favorite meals and add beauty to your garden, while the edible flowers add a hint of intrigue to your salads and cold beverages. As a bonus, cut flowers from your garden for bouquets that will grace your table and home.

Use The Violet Design as a stand alone garden or as part of a larger landscape plan. Either way, it will be a priceless addition to your home and lifestyle for years to come.


Design Downloads (pdfs):